Codelocks tackles horsebox storage challenge for horse owners


From dressage to show jumping to horseracing, the UK hosts a jam-packed timetable of equestrian events throughout the calendar year. However, for horse owners travelling around the country to compete, the excitement of a day at the races comes with the ongoing challenge of how to store horse tack conveniently and securely. 

Whether organised or opportunistic, reports of tack theft are not uncommon throughout the UK. Tack, horseboxes and saddlery are expensive and valuable equipment and make an attractive target for thieves. 
Frequent incidents of tack theft continue to shock the equine community. Hampshire Constabulary recently seized £10,000 of horse riding equipment stolen from multiple locations in the New Forest area. Last year, £30,000 worth of tack was stolen from multiple locked horseboxes at a show jumping event at Arena UK and £50,000 worth of tack was stolen from lorries at a four-day British Jumping Show at Northcote Stud in Blackburn. 

Beyond the financial cost of losing equipment, being a target of tack theft can be deeply disturbing for riders who attend events across the UK and beyond.

Generic lock-and-key lockers

A report of tack theft at the Arena UK show, highlights that the problem could be down to the generic living cab and tack-locker keys in use that are easy for thieves to define and replicate. Horse owners and riders are in need of a more sophisticated, robust and bespoke access control solution in order to store their tack and help prevent it from being stolen.



Storing expensive equipment

Some horsebox manufacturers are already incorporating new horsebox locks and offering options to upgrade the generic locks to coded locks, to deliver a more convenient access control solution.

Joanne Milne-Rowe, Sales Director at Codelocks, explains

“We were approached by a lorry company that was looking to upgrade its access control for horseboxes. It wanted a durable, keyless option that offered personalised and bespoke access. The CL200 Marine Grade Surface Deadbolt was the obvious choice.”

Part of the Codelocks’ Mechanical range, the CL210 Marine Grade Mortice Deadbolt is reliable and durable. The sleek black finish is not only modern and aesthetically pleasing but has also been specifically enhanced to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The lock provides controlled entry by using a unique code, reliability due to the robust deadbolt and peace of mind with its key override option.

Users can change their personal code as many times as they see fit and share it with whoever they choose.

Joanne continues,

“For all competitors on the road, it’s important they have the confidence to travel around the country with the peace of mind that their tack and belongings are stowed conveniently and securely. Having coded entry removes the worry of misplacing keys and the sophisticated and personalised access control acts as a deterrent for generic locker thieves looking for a quick and easy way in.”


Weather resistant access control

Rain or shine, indoor and outdoor equestrian events occur all year round. Codelocks’ range includes locks with a coating that is specially designed for outdoor conditions. Riders who attend showgrounds all over the UK and park their lorries in exposed, often rural environments have the option of installing Marine by Codelocks. The lock range is perfect for ensuring that riders have durable and reliable access, whatever the British weather throws at their horsebox.

Installing a modern, keyless access control is a perfect solution for horse owners on the move, who want affordable, secure and personalised access to their horsebox.


12, Apr 2023

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