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Juggling the demands for thorough customer support and swift order collection can be difficult, especially when customer numbers are high due to online orders. To deal with this challenge, SDS London sought Codelocks’ help in creating queue-busting click and collect lockers. The KL1000 G3 NetCode® and Codelocks Connect Portal provide the access control SDS London needs.


At the back of the line

Since launching its e-commerce site more than 15 years ago, architectural ironmonger SDS London’s success story has been one of online sales growth and dedicated expert knowledge. In 2022, having created separate websites for trade and retail customers, SDS London’s Trade Centre faced the challenge of dealing with online trade orders at the same time as maintaining its quality in-store customer service.

Half of SDS’s customers wanted to simply collect their online orders. The other half were looking for expert knowledge and advice to help with product selection. But a single trade counter meant these customers were mixed in the same queue, which inevitably led to longer wait times and diminished customer satisfaction. SDS London needed a solution that:

  • Alleviated queuing for its collection customers
  • Complemented its online store


To the front of the queue

Sam Thatcher, SDS London Sales and Marketing Manager and member of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI), attended a continuing professional development (CPD) event that gave them the idea for a click and collect locker system. As Codelocks is an award-winning member of the GAI, Sam reached out for its help creating the click and collect lockers.

Joanne Milne-Rowe, Sales Director at Codelocks commented, “Collectively the team has many years’ experience working in the sector and with ironmongery professionals, so we were very pleased when SDS London approached us for our help. We knew immediately that they needed a simple locking solution with access codes that could be shared with any customer once their order had been picked. That’s why we suggested the KL1000 G3 NetCode® locking solution, and the Codelocks Connect Portal to provide access management.”

The KL1000 G3 NetCode® is Codelocks’ advanced and upgraded version of the original KL1000 KitLock. It is a compact digital lock with key override, private and public functions, and, most importantly for SDS London, Codelocks’ proprietary NetCode® technology.

NetCode® allows users to create and use time-sensitive, flexible temporary access codes that enable controlled access within predetermined time frames and dates. The codes can be configured to allow single- or multi-use access and can be programmed to grant access between one hour and one year. NetCodes are generated quickly and easily via the Codelocks Connect Portal or by utilising the Codelocks Connect API. Once created, codes can be conveniently shared with customers via SMS* or email confirmation of their click and collect purchase. No WiFi connection is required to operate Codelocks’ NetCode® equipped locks, this means they can be used in remote and outdoor locations, or in warehouses and showrooms where there may be natural WiFi blackspots.

Sam Thatcher said, “After I learned what Codelocks NetCode® Technology could do, using its products was a no-brainer. We could secure our click and collect lockers and manage access to them with ease. Our trade customers can shop on our website and the convenience is carried through to their in-store experience.”


SDS are (click and) collecting the benefits

When a customer places an order for click and collect at the Trade Centre, SDS employees put their items in the click and collect lockers and use Codelocks’ Connect Portal to generate a temporary access code. The code is sent to the customer who turns up, unlocks their allocated locker with their unique code, and collects their purchase. The locker then resets ready for the next customer. This self-service locker solution has eliminated long queues in the Trade Centre and improved click and collect customers’ experience.

Removing the queues has also allowed SDS London’s Trade Centre staff to refocus on those customers requiring advice and product support. The time used for handling click and collect customers is now spent providing expert knowledge and guidance.

Sam Thatcher commented on the benefits saying, “People who don’t want to wait don’t have to. Codelocks solution has eliminated the long queues and helped improve our customer experience. It’s also allowed our knowledgeable customer service staff to focus more of their time on providing the expert advice we pride ourselves on – improving employee satisfaction too.”


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* Additional charges apply - Buy SMS credits from Codelocks to enable NetCode® distribution via SMS straight to mobiles.

The Codelocks Control + Convenience logo and NetCode® are registered trademarks of Codelocks Ltd., registered in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries and regions.


09, Feb 2023

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