KitLock Locker Locks

KitLock is a stylish and convenient alternative to traditional locks and keys, using four digit codes rather than a key to secure cupboards, drawers, lockers and cabinets in gyms, leisure centres, spas, schools, hospitals, data centres, offices, warehouses - any cabinet and locker application!

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KL1000 Classic KitLock Locker Lock

The KL1000 Classic is a compact digital lock ideal for replacing keyed cam locks commonly supplied on a wide range of lockers,...

RFID Smart Card (10 Pack)

RFID Smart Cards - 10 Pack

NANO90 Kitlock Furniture Lock

NANO90 can be surface mounted or flush fitted for a really sleek look.

Codelocks Development Programme

The Codelocks Developer Programme is intended for those who need to generate NetCodes from their own websites or software. The...