PINGuardâ„¢ by Codelocks protects locks from rain and prying eyes


Introducing PINGuard™ by Codelocks

Codelocks releases PINGuard™ by Codelocks, a weather shield designed to improve weather resistance and provide extra security for its mechanical and electronic locks. Made from a flexible polymer material, PINGuard™ by Codelocks protects the lock from rain and shields the keypad from view.

PINGuard™ by Codelocks fits behind the lock, improving the gasket seal and preventing water ingress. It has the added benefit of improving security, as the cowl keeps the keypad hidden when a code is being entered. 

Colin Campbell, Managing Director at Codelocks said, “Our new PINGuard™ product is ideal for outdoor applications such as gates, sheds and outbuildings. Adding PINGuard™ to a new or existing lock extends the life of the lock by protecting it from rain exposure and sub-zero temperatures.


“It’s designed to shield your code from prying eyes, as well as protecting the lock from harsh weather – so it is especially useful for construction sites or entry gates to the workplace, where you need to enter your code in a public place.”


PINGuard™ by Codelocks is suitable for both new and existing lock installations. There are two products in the PINGuard™ by Codelocks range, the XT1 and the XT2. The XT1 is compatible with Codelocks’ CL100 and CL200 mechanical lock range and the electronic CL2000 range. Codelocks’ mechanical locks offer ease of use and are ideal for situations where a single, changeable code is required. The CL2000 electronic lock range can be easily programmed on the door and are an upgrade from a mechanical lock with added features and benefits.

The larger XT2 PINGuard™ by Codelocks is suitable for the CL500 mechanical lock range, which are heavy duty keyless locks designed for use on primary doors. Combining the XT2 with one of the locks in the CL500 range offers an extra layer of security for your business or residential property.


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13, Oct 2020

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